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Winston Cigarettes

A few years back it would have been difficult, if not improbable, to buy quality cigarettes online and still be sure that you were on the safe side. This is not an issue anymore; if you know what to look for and stick to a specific set of rules, you should be able to find excellent cigarettes for less money than you would find at the local store.

Winston makes no exception from this reality; if you want to purchase this particular brand, take a close look at the steps described below and follow them to the point. Don't assume that there are exceptions to the cases below because, in most cases, there are not.

  • Research the internet and make a list with ten to twenty online shops that sell Winston cigarettes.
  • Check the location of the stores and the shipping costs that you would have to pay if you were to order from them. Keep the best five options.
  • Contact the sellers and ask for proof that they run a legal business.
  • Try to determine if there are special offers involved and what you need to do to take advantage of them.
  • Choose two sellers and order similar products to check both the efficiency of the shipping methods and the final prices. Always calculate the final price either per cigarette or per pack. If you do it otherwise, you risk getting false results.
  • Stay updated and fish for contextual promotions. Don't change your seller of preference unless you find a great alternative offer.
  • Monthly checks ensure that you stay updated with the price lists for your Winston cigarettes. As such, you shouldn't order cigarettes for more than one month, because in the following month the total costs may be lower.