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Chesterfield Cigarettes

If you've decided to try smoking Chesterfield cigarettes, you need to determine which variety suits you best. In order to do that, you need to take into account a few factors:

  • Taste - some Chesterfield varieties are more intense than others. You can choose a full flavor or you can go for a smoother taste, provided that you're willing to smoke a light cigarette. When it comes to Chesterfield cigarettes, there's a direct correlation between intensity of the taste and tar.
  • Moisture - there aren't many choices: all Chesterfield cigarettes are medium moist.
  • Mildness - In general, the lighter the cigarette, the milder the taste. However, Chesterfield Regular Non Filter is particularly mild. This variety is more difficult to find, but it's worth the search.
  • Tar - a strong cigarette is more filling and it comes with a more enticing taste. But Chesterfield light varieties are also a great option; if you prefer lower tar values and strong taste, try the Chesterfield Light Classic. It renders an excellent combination of mild taste and full aroma.

Chesterfield cigarettes are extremely popular among people who like to alternate from one taste to another. This happens because smokers find it easy to shift from one type to another when smoking this particular brand. This is a special thing, considering the fact that many people who smoke other brands don't simply change the variety within the same brand because they find the entire process disturbing.

The best way to find the Chesterfield variety that suits you best is to try all major types for at least one week. This should give you a better perspective on tar and mildness, thus allowing you to further determine which is the one that you prefer in relation to the others.