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Vogue Cigarettes

American smoking population usually prefers to buy American cigarettes. However, American Online stores tend to be somewhat expensive when it comes to tobacco products. About all products you can buy via the internet from USA-based stores are manufactured in the USA. You can consider buying online cheaper cigarettes for personal use, from stores located outside the USA who sell tobacco products made offshore. This doesn't mean you should buy counterfeit products! Original Vogue cigarettes are available in both long and king sizes in many places worldwide.

British American Tobacco owns a number of international brands (including Vogue), as well as several local brands all over the world. Thus, even if the cigarettes you're buying haven't been necessarily manufactured in the USA, you can expect similar quality. The British American Tobacco Group is represented in Russia since 1991, while Vogue cigarettes were introduced on the Russian market in 1989. Vogue Arome collection has been available and highly popular on the Russian tobacco market since 2006. In 2007 in Moscow, Russian Vogue brought fresh and beautiful products on the market, as a limited series called Springs of Inspiration, featuring feminine unique artworks by Russian artists. So, the cigarettes you are looking for are totally available in Russian stores, except, unfortunately, for the "private" editions in 2007, which are no longer available.

For USA-based consumers international tobacco trade could be a lot cheaper compared to purchasing American made cigarettes. Delivery by mail is trouble-free and imports for personal use go are much easier than imports for commercial use. Taxes and duty also cost less than expected. Safe and reliable online stores ensure confidentially and sell cigarettes for the lowest prices. However, we do not recommend you to buy cigarettes online from outside the USA, unless you don't mind waiting. Shipping may take time and, in rare occasions, customer's packs get lost or even confiscated due to misunderstandings; these situations do solve out, but customers are not always willing to wait.