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  • R1 Slims Cigarettes pack

    R1 Slims

    Tar1 mg
    Nicotine0.1 mg
    TypeLong Box
    Price per 1 carton
    CAD 40.97 / USD 31.60
  • R1 Super Slims 100`s Cigarettes pack

    R1 Super Slims 100`s

    Tar1 mg
    Nicotine0.1 mg
    TypeLong Box
    Price per 1 carton
    CAD 30.73 / USD 23.70
  • R1 Super Slims Fresh 100`s Cigarettes pack

    R1 Super Slims Fresh 100`s

    Tar1 mg
    Nicotine0.1 mg
    TypeLong Box
    Price per 1 carton
    CAD 35.79 / USD 27.60

R1 Cigarettes

R1 cigarettes are the British cigarettes, which conquered the world for their quality of tobacco, the original taste and pleasant smoke.

There is used a high level of tobacco in these cigarettes, brought from different countries and continents. There is used Brazilian tobacco in the mixture from plantations in Indonesia and African fields. This is what makes R1 cigarettes the best of the best. This is confirmed by numerous awards and a lot of fans.

R1 are cigarettes the production of which is elaborated by the British company - Imperial Tobacco Group. This company is on the fourth place among the world's largest manufacturers of tobacco products.

In 2005 R1 cigarette brand became the winner in the nomination "The best creative work in advertising of cigarettes."

R1 cigarettes are predominantly female. They are long, thin, the taste of light, and the design is differentiated by sophistication and refinement.

R1 modifications have different taste, but most varieties contain only 0.1 mg of nicotine and 1 mg. of tar per 1 cigarette.

Smokers like cigarettes of this brand, since their lightness does not detract from the taste qualities that remain saturated.

R1 manufacturers promotions underscore the desire to create a cigarette with a minimal amount of harmful substances, but different in rich tobacco taste.

Despite its sophistication, R1 cigarettes are in demand not only in women but also in men who intend to quit smoking.

In these cigarettes there is a filter that cleans the smoke from harmful components released from the tobacco during smolder. Inside, in addition to the cleaner, carbon granules, which provide such a filter.

R1 - is an international brand which is positioned in the premium price segment and is an expert in the field of light cigarettes. R1 cigarettes offer a balance of lightness and rich taste to consumers.

A wide range allows consumers to make a choice of versions with different content of tar and nicotine, as well as different sizes and flavors.

In the world of dreams and fantasies the extremely light taste of R1 cigarettes attracts everyone. They harmoniously complement the image and highlight the elegance. That is why the brand is popular with European smokers.

And this happens regardless of their status and financial position, because R1 cigarettes are able to please every fan of good tobacco.

You will get not only smoking but the whole new universe of sensations!