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Bond Cigarettes

In order to determine the factors that influence a successful online business, one needs to understand the context of both marketing and branding in the field of tobacco industry. Most online sellers focus on brand, because they know the importance of a name when it comes to smoking. Bond cigarettes are no exception to this rule. On the contrary: you will seldom find real, detailed presentations of the aroma and taste of Bond cigarettes.

To make sure you buy the original cigarettes, you need to follow a very strict set of rules. Each step below should be followed carefully to ensure a successful purchase:

  1. Determine the best online offers in your area. It's important to stick to retailers close to you in order to pay less for shipping. At this stage, ten such retailers should suffice.
  2. Narrow this list by comparing the final costs per cigarette or pack. Stick to five retailers.
  3. Contact them and check if they don't happen to have a special offer you can benefit from. These offers are either related to a particular date in the calendar or to the number of packs you're willing to purchase.
  4. Check if the seller has a legal business. The easiest way to do this is to contact them and ask very specific and direct questions about their business: Where they take the cigarettes? For how long are in an online business?, etc.. If they avoid answering or, even worse, refuse to answer, avoid them at all costs.
  5. Double check the shipping terms and make sure they suit your needs.

Purchasing Bond cigarettes online can be a very lucrative business if you establish a relation based on trust. If you keep buying from the same retailers, at some point they will be able to offer you a discount that will reduce your total costs even more.