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Neo GLO Sticks

Neo GLO Sticks Cigarettes

As we speak, customers are ordering NEO for Glo from our website. This statistics is shocking, because it used to be vice verse when the heated tobacco appeared. People were interested but still concerned about the fact that they may not like the new product. Now everyone knows for sure they will and they do like it.

NEO sticks are the sticks that are slightly different from what customers may be used to. The heated tobacco product is exceptional, may not be exactly what you expect to get when you first try it but definitely will be the one you will return smoking to.

How is NEO different from regular cigarettes?

NEO doesn’t have burned tobacco in it. The newest technology allows to heat the tobacco in the device up to 250-270 degrees, which is healthier for your mouth. NEO prodces aerosol which is then inhaled – this helps to receive much more pleasure from the smoking process.

NEO will be much safer than classic cigarettes if you ask us. This is due to less chemicals and toxicans that are released through it.

Our website will offer the customers various heated tobacco products that can definitely help you enjoy the smoking process to the fullest.

Once you try heated tobacco it will be difficult to switch back to smoking regular classic cigarettes because you will feel like you are missing out on something.

NEO from Glo can become your favorite product from our store.

Buying heated tobacco products online can help you save money on sticks that you purchase regularly.

Choose NEO and see the otther side of the smoking and the satisfation it may bring.

We will make sure the delivery is fast and the prices are the lowest on the internet. This way we will definitely keep you as our loyal customer for a longer period of time.