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Glamour Cigarettes

Glamour is a symbol of trend, vogue, and chic way of life. Glamour is preferred by millions of people globally. World of elegance, music and movies is related to glamour.

Nowadays, adult smokers have a choice to receive their own piece of glamour thanks to this brand introduction by Japan Tobacco International. Ladies, if you are you searching for something glamorous special and slim, this brand would make you look even more fashionable! It turns out that these cigarettes can become refined accessories too. The Glamour brand manufactured by the British Gallagher Company makes cigarettes suitable for ladies only (but if you are a man and like slim cigarettes, this may be the brand for you as well). These fashionable thin cigarettes were pioneers in the Eastern Europe, but have now become the top-leading brand of ladies throughout the world. Glamour cigarettes grant a really weightless taste, come in a longer 100-mm frame and are sold in two attractively designed pack types. Nevertheless, the catchy pack is not the only feature of these cigarettes, but their perfect quality has to be mentioned. There are two most selected flavors of Glamour cigarettes: Glamour Menthol Superslims and Glamour Blossom Aroma Superslims. Pick the one that is the most ideal for your style and habits!