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  • Viceroy Filter (Red) Cigarettes pack

    Viceroy Filter (Red)

    Tar11 mg
    Nicotine0.7 mg
    TypeKing Size Box
    Price per 1 carton
    C$ 73.43 / U$53.95

Viceroy Cigarettes

Viceroy Red, Viceroy Blue and Viceroy Silver are integral part of cigarettes brand that convey the meaning of royalty taste. The introduction of this authentic brand is a breakthrough of British American Tobacco Company (BAT). BAT manufactures tobacco goods for different categories of smokers. Viceroy is aimed at choosy cigarettes smokers. The international standard of quality attracts many people because of its unique character.

Viceroy cigarettes are liked by smokers for its mild taste that comes from the exceptional composition of filters. The slogan "20,000 filter traps" that followed this tobacco for many years, supports the individual features of smoking savor delivered by this brand. Viceroy is a new planet, a discovery, temptation that seduces you. There are thousand and thousand people, living in this world. They are of different culture, ethnicity, color of skin and flexibility. But there is one common thing between these people: their love for Viceroy Cigarettes. Its taste makes you breath easily. You can fully enjoy Viceroy Cigarettes. This tobacco product is preferred for its fineness, singularity and coolness. Viceroy is in the tobacco market since 1952. Being on the tobacco market for so long, it is natural to have been advertized so strongly. Comfortable cigarettes pack, original cigarettes design and really great taste make Viceroy an admired brand in many countries, but it is especially famous in Middle East, Romania, Turkey, Argentina and many others. If you are looking for quality cigarettes at reasonable prices then you have the right choice. Don't forget, online shopping is less costly and much more convenient for all your needs and desires.