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Parliament Cigarettes

Parliament cigarettes have been designed to render the perfect balance between a good tar and a light taste. Even the strongest varieties of Parliament cigarettes are light when compared to other similar brands. For example, a cigarette of Parliament 100's Full Flavor feels lighter than a Kent 8 100's. Why does this happen ? And what is the relevance of such an observation ?

First, you need to understand that each cigarette you smoke only adds toxins to your body. If you want to keep smoking, but you're still interested in your health, your best shot is to look for a cigarette that reduces the tar whilst giving you the impression that you smoke a strong cigarette. In the long run, the effects of such a cigarette are obviously better than those of a regular one.

Parliament cigarettes have been designed to meet these expectations. They have a number of features which are particularly important in this context. This set of features is not be found in any other cigarette on the market.

  • The aroma is strong enough to please you, yet the tar is rather low when compared to that of other brands. The principle is: the lighter, the better.
  • The recessed filter doesn't allow your tongue to touch the filter, thus keeping the moisture away from your mouth. This implies a smaller quantity of nicotine in your body and, implicitly, fewer side effects.
  • A longer filter means less tobacco in the cigarette. It may not seem significant in the first place, but assuming that there's only 90% tobacco (taking as reference a regular cigarette) in a Parliament cigarette, that means you smoke less without even realizing it.

Apart from that, most of the Parliament varieties are based on the idea that light cigarettes are better than regular. As such, Parliament Aqua, Lights 100's, and even Full Flavor feel lighter than their counterparts.