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Philip Morris

Philip Morris Cigarettes

Philip Morris International (PMI) is the leading international tobacco company, whose products are sold in more than 180 countries. In 2014, they owned about 15.6% of the world cigarette market outside the US, or 28.6% excluding the PRC and the US.

The goal of Philip Morris is to ensure maximum profitability of investments for shareholders, to offer adult smokers high-quality and innovative products, as well as to reduce the harm resulting from the use of tobacco products.

To implement the last of these goals, they support the comprehensive regulation of the production and turnover of tobacco products aimed at reducing harmful effects, and develop products that can reduce the likelihood of diseases.

This tobacco giant has a unique portfolio of brands presented on the UK market led by Marlboro and L&M.

In total, six brands of their cigarettes are among the 15 most popular international brands in the UK. They offer a balanced range of international and local brands of cigarettes, targeting a wide variety of adult smokers.

Philip Morris cigarettes are produced according to international standards and meet all the good manufacturing rules. Philip Morris offers a large assortment of cigarettes to fill the big demand from the smoking lovers that have different requirements and taste. These cigarettes may seem strong but are popular.

As cigarettes turn into a piece of our life and style, these cigarettes can fill in for instance of how a cutting edge cigarette must be.

Philipp Morris cigarettes are favored by a great number of smokers, in light of the fact that the joy offered by this brand is legendary and amazes people every time. Feel the essence of exceptional delight by requesting Philip Morris cigarettes on the web.

There are different elements that have made Philip Morris Cigarettes celebrated in numerous nations of the world.

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