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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike cigarettes brand was established in 1871 and presently is considered to be one of the oldest and reliable tobacco products in this specific industry. This brand gained a global reputation due to its perfect quality and unforgettable taste.

Despite the fact, that in the United States, Lucky Strike, owned by RJ Reynolds, is produced only in a non-filter style, as filtered versions were stopped in the 1990s, this brand is still very popular in many countries throughout the world. That is why British American Tobacco goes on manufacturing filtered Lucky Strike cigarettes and sells them in nearly 90 countries, letting millions of smokers become loyal and faithful to the Luckies. Enjoy their bracing flavor whenever they want to! It is known, that the tobacco blend of Lucky Strike cigs was not modified for several decades, BAT equipped its global flagship brand with highly effective filter advanced technology which absorbs chemical substances, preventing them from penetration into the tobacco smoke.

If you are eager to try the taste of the icon of tobacco industry, you can order Lucky strike cigarettes via internet in our cigarettes store. No matter what style you prefer, you will be able to discover the whole new atmosphere of sharp flavor and great quality, granted by Lucky Strike brand.