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Style Cigarettes

Among people there is an opinion that light cigarettes differ from stronger ones by the composition of tobacco.

The main difference between tobacco products of "light" type and their heavier relatives is the structure of the filter, or more precisely - in the presence of special ventilation micro-holes and inter-layers made of special materials (cellulose acetate, activated charcoal, etc.) capable of retaining a certain amount of tar.

Light cigarettes are tobacco products, in which the concentration of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and carcinogenic substances is reduced. In most cases, they contain aromatic components that give a soft and delicate flavor to the product.

Many smokers state that light cigarettes are safer than strong tobacco products. However, it is not. Reducing the level of nicotine in them is "compensated" by the formation of toxic compounds during combustion. In addition, when switching to lightweight products, the daily cigarette norm increases by 2 times. As a result, a portion of carcinogenic substances entering the body remains at the same level.

Style cigarettes are an international brand of high quality at an affordable price. This cigarette is a high price segment, lightweight, elegant, quality and attractive packaging. Style appreciates the uniqueness of every woman, her natural beauty, naturalness and individuality.

Style is another slim-cigarette brand, designed for girls. Three types of cigarettes differ in the color of the pack and the amount of nicotine and tar. "Aroma" - nicotine 0.5 mg, tar - 5 mg; "Rose" - nicotine 0.3 mg, tar - 3 mg; "Blue" - nicotine 0.5 mg, resins - 5 mg.

The taste of Style cigarettes is the direct result of a number of very well-defined parameters. The bullets below describe them in the best manner possible. However, do not take into account that each major tobacco company has its secrets about the exact formula.

Smokers do not usually like changes. But one must understand that the appearance of Style cigarettes in their life is compulsory. Style was rather an exception to this rule and made in the same form, with very few changes.