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Davidoff Cigarettes

Even if the Davidoff cigarette line was acquired by Imperial Tobacco in 2006, the original aroma of these cigarettes hasn't suffered any changes. This is very important for heavy smokers, who find the consistency of a brand particularly important. An altered taste can destroy a tobacco company or a brand in no time and Imperial Tobacco are well aware of this reality.

The taste of Davidoff cigarettes is the direct result of a number of very well defined parameters. The bullets below describe them in the best manner possible. However, do take into account that each major tobacco company has its secrets regarding the exact formula used to producing a particular brand and Davidoff doesn't make an exception from this rule:

  • The mixture used to manufacture Davidoff cigarettes is consistent from one year to another. That means you won't feel the difference from a cigarette produced in 1998 to one from 2005.
  • The producers pay special attention to moisture. In order to do that they monitor diligently the temperature and humidity during the manufacturing process. They have also developed a special pack that maintains this moisture for a long time after the cigarettes are manufactured, provided that the cigarettes remain sealed for this entire time.
  • Zino Davidoff's experience related to how tobacco flavor can be enhanced is still used today in the process of manufacturing. This is probably where the basic concepts of this brand lay.
  • Quality is a must. As such, the producers of Davidoff cigarettes make no compromises when it comes to the tobacco they use. As a result, no Davidoff cigarette is worse or better than another.

The complicated taste of Davidoff cigarettes is the result of more than 100 years of research in the field and is very difficult to recreate without knowing a whole list with very specific variables and factors which influence both the quality of tobacco at a certain moment and its persistence in time.