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Gauloises Cigarettes

This brand is truly labeling a national spiri. Gauloises cigarettes are an iconic brand, though they have been manufactured in Spain since 2005.

Smoking Gauloises in France was regarded as a patriotic attribute for rather a long time and the one who smoked Gauloises should have strongly believed in French national values. During the two World Wars the process of smoking was often characterized as "the soldier's breakfast". And French soldiers smoked Gauloises cigarettes for sure. For quite a long time the promotional strategy of the brand said: "If you smoke Gauloises - you contribute to the national good". This was indeed so to a certain extent, as a considerable amount of the profits generating from the sales of Gauloises cigarettes went to Regie Francais Tabacs. This was a gigantic corporation in which the government was a shareholder. The corporation was in charge of the control over the tobacco goods consumed in the country and the profits were invested in various profitable projects. Nevertheless, Gauloises cigarettes are very famous not only in France. They are admired by many smokers of European countries bordering France and in England as well. They have recently become popular in the countries of the CIS despite the fact that Gauloises cigarettes can hardly be considered cheap.

Initially, Gauloises cigarettes were filterless and very harsh, made with the mixture of Turkish and Syrian tobacco. Now they have filters and are called Gauloises Blondes (the original version was black and there was a time when both versions were manufactured at the same time, so the word "Blondes" was added to make a distinction).