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Richmond Cigarettes

Nowadays, Richmond is a true masterpiece created by Richmond Tobacco House. Adult customers adore the world-known Richmond Cherry cigarette brand. Richmond Cherry is manufactured according to the old English recipe from Golden Virginia and Burley tobacco combination, 100% natural, without any chemical substances and chosen by Richmond Tobacco proficients on the tobacco auctions held in more than 10 countries globally. Richmond can be considered probably the only cigarette brand in the international tobacco industry to be thoroughly produced of pipe tobacco. That is why its aroma completely differs from all the other cigarettes marketed. The manufacturers used wrapping paper from pure hemp fiber to ensure perfect taste and high quality, and Platinum filter technology to avoid the penetration of harmful tars volume. Richmond cigarettes are incased in fine holographic packs with metallized coating, which lets the premium taste to be preserved for a long time. New design, impeccable taste and ideal quality make Richmond one of the "hottest" cigarettes brands in premium industry branch, as well as the leading fruit-flavored cigarettes throughout the world. In our online cigarette store Richmond is sold in adorable styles. Choose your favorite style and aroma! Look through a rich list of offered cigarette brands to pick up what you want.