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Box TypeHeets Box
Minimum Cartons3
Price: per 1 carton
C$ 57.39 / U $42.00

Disclaimer: actual design and health warnings may differ from the photos
on the website depending on the country where the product is manufactured.

The Purple pack of HEETS is totally filled with berry aroma. It smells strongly with mint and currants. The taste is balanced and extra pleasant. Not so minty, as some would want, not strong on tobacco, a little too fragrant, but overall the best.

Philip Morris gives the description of the taste they crafted: tobacco blend with the aroma of menthol and wild berries. People who prefer to experiment and are enjoying interesting flavors will become fans of HEETS Purple immediately. Most of HEETS smokers consider this flavor nice with a slight shade of hay that provides a very different experience. Given that the Iqos user does not smoke cigarettes it’s a very sane alternative.

Some describe these HEETS Purple as a pleasant yum with raspberries. Fortunately, there is still some mint there, which turns an elegant tobacco berry pie into a mysterious berry ice-cream. You will feel the berries stronger, more powerful, more energetic in this edition.

HEETS Amber can be compared to regular cigarettes with a flavor capsule, but the best thing is – you don’t taste burned tobacco. And you don’t need to press or click anything. Some people can’t recognize which berries are involved, but there is reason to suspect a blackberry. The cooler is cool.