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Box TypeHeets Box
Minimum Cartons3
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Amber taste of HEETS sticks is known to be considered the strongest one out of them all. Amber flavor has the most intense tobacco flavor. Most of the people say that these sticks were stronger than other brands available on the market. Some say that it’s even stronger than Marlboro Red, which is quite impressive. For some smokers, after switching to IQOS after regular cigarettes, HEETS may taste a bit artificial at first.

Philip Morris describes this Amber flavor the following way: the taste of tobacco is a special roast with light woody and nutty notes.

A lot of people say that these HEETS Amber are similar to HEETS Yellow from the same addition. At the same time, there is nothing unpleasant in them, meaning that you don’t want to brush your teeth after smoking them.

However, after performing some polls with the people who switched from the regular cigarettes, the promised “light woody and nutty notes” are not that strong. HEETS Amber taste is tender and pleasant. They are suitable for those smokers who were looking for the best thing to substitute the regular cigarettes with. They are considered the closest to actual cigarettes HEETS version from all the line available at the moment.