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Muratti Cigarettes

Muratti cigarettes have always been associated to a certain distinction and wellbeing. The historical reasons probably lay in the fact that in the past people who smoked Muratti's were generally rich people, who had a lot of power or influence in various contexts.

Today, more than ever, Muratti cigarettes suggest sophistication and grace. And here's why:

  • Men smoking Muratti Ambassador Multifilter are generally stylish enough to understand the importance of choosing such an important brand.
  • There are many types of Muratti Cigarettes, like Gold Slims, Eleganza Rosso, Slims Click, Eleganza Chiaro, etc., that look astonishing in just about any context. The packaging is stylish and the cigarette in itself is elegant and distinguished, not to mention the taste and aroma.
  • In general, smoking Muratti is an urban habit. In other words, people who prefer this brand live in large cities and highly populated areas, where style is a common word. Conversely, choosing to smoke such a cigarette in a small town or even in the countryside shows that you know how to impose your own options on others. It's a way to assert yourself when you're running out of options.

During the last decade, due to an increased number of varieties, especially designed for women, Muratti's have become associated to this gender, even if there are many businessmen who have a propensity for this brand. Here's the profile of the woman who chooses to smoke Muratti's: she's rather young, tall, she's full of verve, she has a good job and excellent prospects in the future, and, more than anything else, she's 100% confident in herself. So if you happen to fit in this category and you're a smoker, try Muratti - they may suit you better than you'd expect.

That way you will be able to take advantage of both the splendid combination of cutting-edge design and graphics and a superbly well-balanced taste and aroma.