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Lifa Cigarettes

These cigarettes have become popular by female audience because of their sweet taste. Most smokers praise the high quality of cigarettes and the plain but cute design of the pack. Ladies like it. The color is a distinctive feature of all Lifa varieties. For example, a green apple is a pack with green patterns. Lifa cigarettes represent the style of original cigarettes, an intriguing taste in a pure white pack.

There is no secret in the production of Lifa cigarettes. In our modern world, popular varieties of the production of sweet cigarettes mean the addition of sweeteners and flavors directly to tobacco or to the filter. Such technologies allow achieving a certain taste and aftertaste.

Manufacturers represent the following varieties of Lifa cigarettes:

  • • Juicy menthol taste in two versions: super slim and king size;
  • • Green apple with its unique taste;
  • • Ocean, what could be better? Only cigarettes with the scent of the ocean;
  • • And, of course, the aromatic flower has not bypassed Lifa cigarettes.

All this characterizes cigarettes as being predominantly designed for a female target audience. Some men also buy these cigarettes. Especially for those, who love sweet aftertaste and lightness! There is written on the packs that 0.3 mg of nicotine is used for 4 mg of tar. And this indicates that cigarettes are very light and many sensitive people may like them. A lot of smokers say that they do not feel the taste of tobacco, but only the taste of chemical additives. But this is not the case! Lifa cigarettes are created to give both pleasure in the smoking process, and the taste perception.

The filter not only cleans the smoke from harmful additives, but also provides fruit or other aroma and taste. We can say with confidence that the filter copes with all its tasks. But you should beware of fakes. Choose only authentic Lifa cigarettes by visiting our online store!

Lifa cigarettes will meet your expectations!