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Aroma Rich

  • Rich Cherry Cigarettes pack

    Rich Cherry

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Aroma Rich Cigarettes

Have you ever experienced like a moment is taking you away from reality? It is a very common feeling with Aroma Rich cigarettes because they are special. They give you a minute of liberation, an exciting and joyful and yet very peaceful state where you no longer want to let it go.

You know you will like them when you read of all the components and the manufacturing process. Aroma Rich come in various tastes – each being different and unique.

Aroma Rich Irish Coffee: This Irish espresso variation has a stunning taste of Irish Whisky and Coffee. Aroma Rich Rum and Cherry: This variation is made of about 19 significant tobacco types. The three primary assortments of tobacco leaves utilized are Burley, Cavendish, and Red Virginia tobaccos. The tobacco leaves used to make this assortment are matured for three months in rum barrels. These outcomes in smooth smoke with moderate aromatic consume.

Rich Rum and Cherry flavors contain 0.7 mg/cig Nicotine and 8 mg/cig Tar. Strong but yet very delicate and inspiring. So good that women all over the world crave the Aroma Rich cigarette and treat the time spent while smoking their favorite sticks as the time of their lives.